Black Nova

Branding, Graphic Design

A fresh brand identity for a 
SoCal music startup

Black Nova is an independent music production company in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles, founded by a few friends of mine. The company composes and sells tracks for movies, television shows and recording artists. They didn’t have a brand identity and reached out to me for some creative help.

The Concept

Drawing inspiration from the definition of a nova (the spark that causes the sudden intense brightness of a star) the logo exploration hinged on the illustration of a celestial body. The star takes center stage, as a distressed effect was applied to add grit and texture–the Black Nova moniker represents both the boldness of the brand’s founders and sound of the music.

Logo Explorations

I started out sketching logo ideas by hand to get some quick ideas on paper. The strongest ideas were brought into Illustrator to create vector artwork for client presentation.

From Hand Drawn to Illustrator

Although not chosen, you can see how some of the sketches above evolved into polished logos.

Final Logo Design

A look at the approved logo and some high level brand guidelines for usage.