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Evolving the brand identity for one of AdAge’s agencies to watch

Looking to refresh the brand identity for iCrossing (a digital agency owned by Hearst), I was tapped by the Executive Creative Director to work on concepts for a new visual system.

The Process

I began the project by creating a mood board and applied that look-and-feel to several other marketing assets; the first being business card concepts, followed by a pitch presentation deck. I then concluded the exercise by creating an abbreviated style guide to ensure consistent application of brand elements.

Concept A: Dot as Mnemonic Device

The “i” in iCrossing becomes the format of the card. Whether it’s inserted in a wallet or laying on a table, it easily stands out and makes a statement; expressing both the boldness and uniqueness of the agency.

Concept B: Clean Type

Typography is the main focus for this design. The objective was to make an interesting composition, void of excessive graphics, keeping the space clean and elegant. To add a touch of whimsy, traditional job titles were replaced by descriptive adjectives for the card holders, giving this extension of the brand more personality.

Concept C: Graphic Focused

In this final concept, use of graphics and images are the focal point. In the first design, the goal was to demonstrate that iCrossing is unabashedly passionate about the industry and obsessed with their craft; bearing the term “geek”. As a point of differentiation, each service line would be assigned its own color and “geek classification” (i.e., tech, numbers, creative, etc.). In the second design, the goal was to establish a positive association and connection with the card recipient, using quirky photos of each staffer.

Mood Board

Capturing the Sentiment

iCrossing agency moodboard

Pitch Deck

Selected slides from the pitch presentation deck, to be used at new business prospective meetings.

deck slide example
deck slide example
deck slide example
deck slide example

Style Guide

Bringing it all together