Graphic Design

Storytelling through visuals

A small sampling of infographics I’ve designed and/or creative directed for various clients over the years. These visual assets were all apart of a larger content distribution strategy to increase social media engagement.

Bank of America

Money 101

Role: Creative Director/Designer

Educates teenagers about the basics of responsible money management, and encourages them to adopt healthy financial habits at a young age, which will serve them well in the future.

5,000 Years of Money

Role: Creative Director/Designer

A look at the evolution of money, particularly what impact technological advances and new innovations have had on society’s relationship with money. The graphic follows the first sightings of currency to present day.

The Basics of Borrowing Cash

Role: Creative Director/Designer

Focuses on the pros and cons of taking cash advances from reputable financial lenders and explores whether this option is right for you, what you should know and how to payments are made back.

Reading Your Credit Report

Role: Creative Director/Designer

Alleviates the anxiety of reading your credit report by explaining what each section of the report means, how to correct errors, and also gives tips on how to improve your overall score.

Ally Bank

Home Improvements

Role: Creative Director/Designer

Home ownership has long been touted as a means of building net worth. But as with any investment, you must make contributions in order to yield residual value. Ally looks at how people are investing in home improvement for future dividends.

The Total Cost to Own a Car

Role: Creative Director

More than just monthly payments, this infographic breaks down the financial commitments (i.e., insurance, depreciation and maintenance) that come along with being a car owner and what those costs mean for your bottom line.

ATM Fees: A $7.1 Billion Industry

Role: Creative Director/Designer

A sobering look at the profits made from out of network, non-customer ATM fees and what that means for your wallet.

Ally Perks

Role: Creative Director

An eye-opening look at how the money spent on everyday activities adds up. With Ally Perks, the rewards you get could benefit you and are deposited back to your account.

Federal Mogul Motorparts

Emails That Customers Will Read

Role: Designer

Advice for auto shop owners on how to create promotional emails that will appeal to new and existing customers.

Social Media: Modern Day Suggestion Box

Role: Designer

Tips for auto shop owners on how to engage with customers, using social media feedback to drive new business.

Get Social to Get More Sales.

Role: Designer

A high-level overview of the most popular social media channels and how auto shop owners/managers can leverage them to get new customers.

What Makes a Website Good?

Role: Designer

Essential things to know about creating an effective website that not only looks good, but is optimized for search and keeps customers engaged.