iTunes Redesign

Interface Design, UX

A brand new look for a groundbreaking product

Launched in 2003 iTunes was a pioneering example of disruptive innovation. In an unprecedented feat, Apple made music available on-demand–transforming the industry by reinventing how music is distributed, purchased, and consumed. To date, over 10 billion songs have been sold in the iTunes store, making it the biggest purveyor of digital music in the US.1 But despite its unequaled success, the platform remains a frustrating user experience. One that I decided to tackle as a personal project.

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Defining Objectives & Goals

I started out by establishing (3) primary objectives–defining what the platform needs to deliver from a frequent user’s perspective. I then identified the issues that impede those objectives and proposed solutions to resolve the impediments.

1. Purchase

User Goal:
Effortlessly peruse and purchase media content

Issue + Solution:
Perusing the store is challenging due to the poor navigation and inundating content, leaving users to meander around. The redesign has a clear hierarchy and streamlined content.

2. Play

User Goal:
Easily access and play purchased and/or downloaded media

Issue + Solution:
Accessing and playing media is cumbersome and confusing, requiring users to clumsily toggle between iTunes and Apple Music. The redesign will better integrate the two products.

3. Discover

User Goal:
Find new content based on past purchases and browsing behavior

Issue + Solution
The current “For You” section is helpful, but is somewhat hidden; almost unnoticeable to the novice user. As such, the redesign better integrates recommendations throughout the experience and increase its visibility.


Transforming written solutions into tangible examples

Borne out of the objectives and user goals exercise, I took my proposed solutions and translated them into visual exemplifications–static wireframes. The wires helped to organize my thoughts, structure content and brainstorm new features. Once complete, I then made them clickable in InVision to test the flow.

iTunes Usability App Redesign

Visual Design

A shiny new interface and improved experience

Based on the wireframes, I designed a prototype in Sketch and applied light interactivity in Axure to bring the interface to life. The prototype is an MVP; it’s not fully functional or as comprehensive as the prototypes I provide to my clients, but it does provide a sufficient look at the creative vision at a high level. For more details about the specific user interface improvements I made, take a look at my blog post where I take a deeper dive.

itunes redesigned modules
itunes redesign interface
itunes redesign interface
itunes redesign interface

1 Mark Harris, “The History of the iTunes Store” June 24, 2019

The Apple logo and images used at the top of this document and in the prototype are copyrighted and owned by Apple. The vector musical graphics used in the feature image is attributed to Vecteezy