M2057 by Maria Pinto

Presentation Design

Driving new business for the M2057 brand

Maria Pinto is a renowned contemporary American designer and artist who creates beautiful fashion with a modern, urban edge. Her client roster consists of influential women including former First Lady Michelle Obama, actress Marcia Gay Harden, media mogul Oprah Winfrey and many business leaders. I was tapped to work with Maria and develop a corporate presentation deck for her to leverage for new business pitches. The result–a distinct, ownable design for the deck that compliments the architectural influences and urban flair of the M2057 brand.

The Process

The project began with brand immersion. I took a look at all of the social media accounts, read the blog, and browsed the e-commerce website. I also met with Maria in person to discuss her goals and expectations. Our meeting was a critical step that enabled me to get to know the woman behind the brand and to become intimately familiar with the story behind the collections.

Digital Sketches

After meeting with Maria, I began the creative process by putting together some digital sketches in Illustrator. This enabled me to determine the content areas and establish common layouts, that would later become templates.

Visual Design

Photos from the Spring and Fall collections were selected to help bring the deck to life. Photoshop was used to create collages and supporting background images, Keynote was then used to create templates and design unique layouts.

Maria Pinto m2057 Presentation Deck
Maria Pinto m2057 Presentation Deck
Maria Pinto m2057 Presentation Deck
Maria Pinto m2057 Presentation Deck

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