Rewards Network Partners

Responsive Email Design

Transforming ordinary rewards into extraordinary moments

Rewards Network is a loyalty company that enables members to earn the rewards of their choice through partnerships with major airlines, hotels and retail brands when they visit a participating restaurant, bar or club and pay with a credit card. Within a years time, anemic engagement had affected the program, partly due to the efficacy of the email communications (our primary marketing tool). As the new Creative Director, I led the effort to revamp the design and copy of all the emails.

The Creative Strategy

Persuade members to rethink the purpose of earning rewards and nudge them to act by visualizing the one-of-a-kind experiences and extraordinary moments that can be made through the simple act of dining.

The Goals

Increase open and click-through rates

Encourage members to act by elevating the caliber of the design, rewriting subject lines and establishing a benefit-driven copy direction.

Improve the user experience

Resolve the UX vulnerabilities of the old emails, specifically addressing low heuristic scores in the areas of responsiveness and aesthetics.

Align email creative with master brand

Use brand guidelines to ensure that the new creative appears to be an extension of the partner’s consumer facing website, not a complete departure.

Activation Email

To incentivize their first dine on the program, prospective members receive an Activation email, highlighting a free bonus offer. Evocative photos are used to draw the recipient in and guide them towards simple iconography that illustrate how easy it is to get started.

More Than Just Food

Beneath the iconography are content cards that house details about the featured venue. A combination of striking food photography and happy patrons enjoying themselves are purposefully used to reinforce the creative strategy.

Ways to Dine Email

If no dining activity has been detected after receiving the Activation email, the Ways to Dine email is sent as a followup. In an effort to motivate consumers to act, other convenient ways to earn rewards (beyond going out) are highlighted.

Earn How You Want

An array of images helped to visually covey all of the different ways members can earn rewards. Whether that be at the local donut shop, pizza delivery, catering a party, takeout on the go, or afterwork drinks–the objective is to show just how easy it is to participate in the program.

The More You Dine Email

If the prospective member still hasn’t dined after receiving the first two emails, the More You Dine email is sent. The messaging is more direct, shifting the focus away from aspirational moments to daily dining activity.

Last Chance Email

The Last Chance email is the final communication sent to prospective members during the last week of bonus eligibility. The email is meant to convey a sense of urgency with a headline that is more direct. The design is purposefully void of imagery and the copy is placed over a highly contrasting background color for maximum visibility.