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Creating euphoric memories for ‘gotta-be-there’ live entertainment events

TicketsNow (part of the Ticketmaster/Live Nation Entertainment family of brands) is a secondary ticket marketplace, wherein, consumers can purchase hard-to-find, premium tickets to music, sports and theater events.  As the head of Creative, I was charged with leading the redesign of to address high homepage bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment.

The Goals

Streamline the checkout process

Focus group feedback noted that the process was overly complicated and cumbersome, which led to high shopping cart abandonment.

Bolster consumer confidence

Site visitors lacked trust in the security of the website, sighting that the unfamiliarity of the brand and the outdated design were problematic.

Better organize the homepage

There is an abundance of merchandising content, all vying for visibility, so establishing hierarchy is key in helping visitors get started.

The Result

A New

A vastly improved and responsive user experience that enables visitors to accomplish key goals and brings the website up to par with leading competitors. The creative vision for the new website is an ownable look-and-feel, that embodies the energy of live entertainment.

Click here to see the old TicketsNow homepage

TicketsNow Homepage Redesign
TicketsNow Homepage Redesign
TicketsNow Homepage Redesign
TicketsNow Homepage Redesign

Imagery That Puts You Right There

Featured photos are taken from the event attendees’ vantage point, reinforcing the TicketsNow brand promise of getting the best seats, “closer than you’ve ever been”.

TicketsNow Website Redesign
TicketsNow Website Redesign

A Clear Path to Conversion with Modules

Content is organized within a series of modules to create a visual hierarchy that helps visitors quickly scan, locate and purchase tickets to the events they’re most interested in.

TicketsNow module collage

Designed with Mobility in Mind

To design the optimal mobile experience, desktop features were replaced with mobile friendly UI components.

TicketsNow Mobile Interface

Using horizontal carousels makes the layout more flexible, allowing for more content without inundating the user.

TicketsNow Mobile Interface

Single Column Layout
Collapsing all of the content into one column makes for a more mobile-friendly, scrollable experience and improves dexterity.

TicketsNow Mobile Interface

Swipe-able Tabs
Enables users to view all options available without being limited to the small screen size by swiping 
left and right.

TicketsNow Mobile Interface

Using the plus/minus buttons to input data reduces the likelihood that a user will make a mistake when entering the ticket quantity.

TicketsNow Mobile Interface

Accordion Panels
Hides information that’s irrelevant to the task at hand. With accordions, users can reveal details/information when needed.

TicketsNow Mobile Interface

Big Buttons & Input Fields
Buttons and input fields are taller with ample whitespace to ensure users can tap and perform tasks accurately.

TicketsNow mobile responsive redesign

Secondary & Tertiary Level Pages

Ticket Listing Page

Interactive filters at the top of the seat map helps consumers narrow tickets results down to show only the most relevant results, thereby guiding them down the path to conversion more efficiently.

TicketsNow Ticket Listing Page

Checkout Page

Content is grouped to lessen user fatigue and encourage visitors to complete the form. The 100% Guarantee messaging is prominently placed to ease consumer anxiety and lessen perceived risk.

TicketsNow Checkout Cart

Robust SEO Landing Pages

Landing pages have been transformed from flat “brochure-ware” into multi-media destinations, where visitors can virtually experience events prior to purchase.  A valuable conversion tool, the pages also enable visitors to shop without being directed to a separate ticket listing page.