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From websites to marketing collateral, having visually appealing and strategically grounded content is essential to your brand’s reach and perceived trustworthiness. Whether you’re looking for help on a short-term project our you’d like to establish a longer-term creative partnership, there’s an array of options for you to consider.

Digital Design

Design of digital assets to meet your organization’s key performance metrics. With so much marketing content available, breaking through the clutter is a big challenge. Establishing a professional, cohesive, and recognizable look-and-feel is key to growing the awareness and affinity of your brand.

Digital Design offerings include:

  • Responsive website and landing page design
  • Email template creation
  • Display banner ads and custom-branded social media graphics

Experience Design

Evaluating the usability and architecting the optimal user experience of your digital products, applications, and websites. Whether it’s re-evaluating your mobile checkout process, creating an informative FAQ page, or improving homepage bounce rates, the goal is to make users happy.

Experience Design offerings include:

  • Usability assessments and recommendations
  • Competitive analysis reports
  • Wireframe prototype creation for user testing

Graphic Design

While a logo is the most identifiable element of a company’s identity, it is only one piece of your corporate story.  Your complete identity is comprised of a brand system; a series of elements (color, fonts, images, copy voice, etc.) that combined, differentiates you from competitors and resonates with potential customers.

Graphic Design offerings include:

  • Logo design
  • Brand guideline development and design
  • Business card & letterhead design
  • Keynote and PowerPoint template design
  • Infographic strategy and design

Creative Direction

I specialize in the development of design strategy while guiding the delivery of project assets by team members, ensuring visuals and messaging are strategically aligned as an intermediary between, Marketing, Product, UX, and Visual Design teams. Creative direction services are available on a per-project or ongoing basis.

Creative Direction offerings include:

  • Authoring of effective design briefs 
  • Team management and oversight
  • Scoping of creative hours and budget allocation
  • Facilitation of stakeholder meetings and design reviews
  • Synthesis and dissemination of stakeholder feedback

Org Development

I help companies evaluate and enhance the skillfulness of their design team, focusing on internal and remote team motivation, fostering a creative culture, freelancer management, and project intake and design workflows.


I provide an objective perspective along with actionable insights and recommendations of how to implement new initiatives, improve or reassess a specific project or resolve a team conundrum.

Working together, virtually

Consistency in the delivery of design projects is key to building successful client relationships–this is especially true when working with clients across the country. While I like to push boundaries, I avoid projects going off the rails by adopting an intake/delivery process, using digital platforms and applications to get things done.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign product image
Project Initiation

Super simple to use and made for the web, Adobe Sign is used to review and sign Scope of Work (SOW) agreements. The SOW serves as a binding contract, documenting the details of our engagement, including the services to be provided, the timing, and payment terms. With Adobe Sign, reviewing and signing contracts is done 100% digitally–you can sign and send off a contract within a matter of minutes from your desktop or your mobile phone.

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Asana platform image
Project Management

Meet your digital project manager–Asana, a safe and secure place to manage all project communications, deadlines, and files from any location, at any time. Asana ensures that all parties are aligned on project milestones, giving transparency into the design process while enabling individual accountability. After the SOW is signed, you’ll receive a login invite and quick start instructions to get you up and running in no time.

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Slack product image
Client Communication

Got a question and need a quick answer? Fire up Slack and send an instant message. More immediate than email, when logged into Slack, team members can communicate in real-time; consider it your virtual water cooler. Best of all, Slack integrates with Asana so you can manage all communications in one place.

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Sketch application image
UX/UI Design

A vastly more efficient way to design websites and mobile apps than Photoshop, Sketch enables the creation of reusable symbols and one-click export of assets–making project delivery faster. Coupled with Invision, prototypes are shared online or via mobile app for easy team collaboration.

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Axure product image
UX/UI Design

When basic prototypes aren’t enough, interfaces are created in Axure, to leverage its powerful interactions and animations.  Axure enables designers to share prototypes that function and behave like real websites; incorporating dynamic content without having to write a single line of code.

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Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite logo
Graphic Design & Photo Editing

While Photoshop has been retired as a UI design tool, it is still, however, a powerful application for photo editing. InDesign and Illustrator are also used for graphic design projects. So if you’re a client with access to the Creative Suite, you’ll have no problem opening final deliverables.

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JoinMe product image
Conference Calls

I encourage clients to challenge the way they manage teams and projects, and that means being open to and embracing virtual meetings.  I use’s, screen sharing and presenter swap features for client calls and reviews. lets you meet from virtually anywhere–no need to be in the office and you can stop fighting co-workers over conference rooms.

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InVision product image
Design Feedback

InVision is used to preview website and mobile app interface design, and capture feedback. Whether you add comments directly within the prototype or take advantage of the digital whiteboard, InVision makes it easy for team members to collaborate and give feedback in real-time. So say goodbye and good riddance to painfully long email threads.

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Loom product image
Design Feedback & Client Communication

When email can’t convey intent and meaning gets lost in translation, I use the Google Chrome plugin, Loom, to send commentary via video. Loom also enables viewers to share a link to the video and add supplemental comments if needed.

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Dropbox logo
File Transfer & Archival

Final project files are packaged and posted to Dropbox for safe and secure storage until downloaded to your computer or mobile device. Also used as an archival system, if you ever lose or misplace a file, you’re covered.

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